Idaho Go Club

Member id 11761
Name Idaho Go Club
Contact Patrick Grever
Meeting city Boise
Meeting text All About Games (Overland near Cole), Thursdays 6pm - 10pm Please use to indicate you plan on attending. Meetings in person are currently suspended due to COVID-19. Many folks are still meeting to play on-line. See our Facebook page for more detail.
Full name Rating Country State Renewal due Member id Chapter
Amunrud, Dallas -12.41177 USA ID April 19, 2021 24553 Idaho Go Club
Blake, Michelle USA ID April 30, 2009 11783 Idaho Go Club
Bogie, David USA ID Jan. 21, 2024 3423 Idaho Go Club
Cass, Dane USA FL May 24, 2006 13587 Idaho Go Club
hailey, colt USA ID April 18, 2023 25879 Idaho Go Club
Ling, Hao 8.3482 USA MI Jan. 17, 2005 13169 Idaho Go Club
Lowe, Owen USA ID Jan. 23, 2017 21602 Idaho Go Club
Major, Matthew -2.00226 USA ND June 6, 2015 14905 Idaho Go Club
Patton, Gary USA TX April 20, 2006 13481 Idaho Go Club