CCC Go Club

Member id 12998
Name CCC Go Club
Contact Chi-Wai [Billy] Fung
Meeting city Hartford
Meeting text This club may be defunct. If you have information about this club, please contact database (at) 2011-12-06 Trinity College Hartford Sunday 3:30 to 4:30 pm
Full name Rating Country State Renewal due Member id Chapter
Fung, Chi-Wai [Bill] 2.32936 USA CT Aug. 30, 2006 5394 CCC Go Club
Mays, Steven J.C. Mays 2.3005 Canada QC Sept. 30, 2003 3051 CCC Go Club
Shen, Peter [Jie] 2.86193 USA OH Dec. 16, 2006 12082 CCC Go Club
Su, Kevin -9.17524 USA CT March 12, 2008 13323 CCC Go Club