Houston Go Club

Member id 5952
Name Houston Go Club
Contact Paul Howard
Url https://www.facebook.com/HoustonGoClub/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
Meeting city Houston
Meeting text Tuesday nights @ La Madeline town and country, Occasionally, Thursday nights at the Tea bar on hwy 6 Sugarland. You can follow events on our facebook page "Houston Go club"
Full name Rating Country State Renewal due Member id Chapter
Zhang, Charlie [Lihua] 2.96764 USA TX Sept. 13, 2004 8561 Houston Go Club
Zhang, Fan -8.18167 USA TX May 28, 1997 7651 Houston Go Club
ZHANG, Charles/ XICHUAN USA TX July 3, 2020 24716 Houston Go Club
Zhao, Bing Lin -2.93815 USA TX Jan. 10, 2004 5971 Houston Go Club
Zhong, Peiyan 7.18864 USA TX Feb. 13, 2020 21421 Houston Go Club